Flash Furniture Glass L-Shape Computer Desk Review

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If you are looking for a stylish and modern desk to grace your office or home, this L-shaped computer desk from Flash Furniture is surely a contender.  It is a contemporary desk that fits in corners but also looks great along any wall.

Flash Furniture Glass L-Shape Computer Desk Review

This is an L-shaped desk that uses a combination of two materials for its robust structure and modern looks. The metal frame and glass desktop are ideal for providing both contemporary styling and a practical workspace which can be used at home, in dorms or business offices. This desk was first on sale in 2015, and in the years since it has consistently been given positive reviews by those who have purchased and used it.

Who is this product for?

This product is made for both home and office use. In smaller rooms, it can be placed into the corner, but for those with larger rooms, it can be used within an open plan floor or placed against a single wall. Being L-shaped, it provides a great workstation for office professionals, a study desk for students, and an ideal desk for use at home, where a computer, monitor, and printer can be placed on it.

If you like plenty of legroom, this is also going to appeal, given that the support legs slant away from you providing lots of space underneath the desk.

What’s included?

This desk comprises three glass panels that fit on top of a metallic frame. The glass panels are packaged with enough wrapping to ensure they are not damaged during transportation. The instructions for assembly are provided in the package along with the required tools.

Overview of features

This L-shaped desk from Flash Furniture offers a unique touch of contemporary style thanks to the modern materials used to manufacture it. It has two tempered glass panels on the main sections, and the corner panel is also made from tempered glass. The size of the desk is generous with over 83 inches length on the two main sections which provide lots of space for paperwork, books, and the like.

The corner has a rounded edge which provides a more pleasing finish, especially if the desk is used in an open office floor, rather than a corner or against a wall.  Apart from looking better, the curved corner has another benefit in that it is safer for when children may be around versus a sharp right-angled corner. The symmetry of this L-shaped desk allows you equal space to work on both your left and right-hand sides.

The metal frame is powder-coated with a silver-colored matte finish which adds to the overall appearance of the desk. The height of the desktop is at 29 inches, which is comfortable for people of a wide range of heights. The glass is capable of supporting desktop computers, monitors and printers as well as other items such as file trays and books. Regardless of what you place on this desk, it is always advisable to have the weight evenly distributed across its surface.

If you plan to buy this desk for a business office where multiple desks are needed, it is also available in packs of 2, 3, and 4 desks.

  • Contemporary styling
  • 5mm thick tempered glass top
  • Plenty of legroom underneath
  • Silver color powder-coated frame
  • Multi-pack (2,3,4) available
  • Glass can move if bumped
  • Cannot easily be disassembled

How to get the most out of it

The first piece of advice is to follow the assembly instructions carefully so that before use, it is constructed correctly. To make the best use of this desk, you can place it in the corner of a room if there is very limited available space. You are, however, not limited to the corner to place this desk. It can also be placed with its side against a wall if there is enough floor space in the room for the section at right angles to the wall to fit.


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If you have less space available than is needed for this Flash Furniture desk, an excellent alternative is the OFM Essentials Collection L-Shaped Computer Desk. Its frame is very similar, but its desktop is made from melamine laminate which should be able to hold a greater weight. It is also just 60 inches on its longest side so it will fit into smaller spaces than the Flash Furniture one.


This desk by Flash Furniture is a well-balanced mixture of good looking materials and a practical design. It’s a modern desk for homes and offices and for the user it provides lots of desk space on top and loads of legroom underneath.

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